Las Rosas del Tango


The Dilemma


I wrote this post some time ago and posted it on my Facebook page... and then forgot all about it.  Until last week when I rediscovered it and found myself nodding along as I re-read it. ....

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An Invitation to Dance


The way in which you invite someone to share a dance with you counts. ....

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The Wall

Learning to dance tango is always also a learning process about yourself.....

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Serious Play


At a weekend workshop I was giving recently I invited a group of adults to play as a way of exploring the music, ....

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Walking the Walk


I can still remember vividly an experience at my local milonga which opened my eyes to something I had not really understood about tango.....

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The art of slowing down


Most of the learning that we can remember has been structured around a fairly rapid, linear progression upwards and onwards, from simple to complex material or ideas.....

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In Praise of Following


I remember in my very early days learning to lead, being partnered in a lesson with an experienced follower, a lovely dancer who generously allowed me to learn with and from her.....

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Getting the most out of a private lesson

In a cupboard by the table there lies a handmade notebook with a red leather cover, the sort that has a tie to close it, and thick, creamy paper leaves inside.....

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